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    Tax Audits & Dispute Resolution

    A tax audit can be an unpleasant experience for any business owner. The complexity and volume of Australian tax laws creates a high risks environment for business audits. Enlisting a professional tax accountant helps to mitigate risk and navigate the onerous tax laws and processes to achieve compliance.

    If you are audited, we will deal promptly and professionally, significantly reducing stress, penalties and unnecessary associated costs.

    We can serve your business in many ways:

    • Deal with the ATO or OSR on your behalf during a tax audit
    • Undertake workers compensation audits
    • Ensure documentation and record keeping is accurate, especially in relation to transactions subject to ATO or OSR audit scrutiny.
    • Undertake a tax risk assessment
    • Manage the audit process
    • Negotiate the best solution for your business in the event of an audit


    Dispute Resolution

    When disputes with the ATO or OSR arise, you need an experienced tax advisor who can help you resolve the issue and arrive at the best possible solution. Sullivans are an experienced tax team, who can assist you resolve disputes quickly and successfully. We take the time to understand your business and come to a smart common sense solution, that we can explain to an auditor in order to finalise the dispute.

    Sullivans Accountants can provide advice to avoid potential tax disputes, get involved in early intervention to minimize the impact or manage and resolve existing disputes. If your business becomes involved in a dispute with the ATO or OSR, we can relieve the burden by managing the ATO dispute from beginning to end.

    Our services span a wide range:

    • Identifying compliance risks by undertaking a taxation risk assessment
    • Taking the steps to not mitigate compliance risks
    • Communicate with the ATO or OSR on behalf of your business
    • Managing disputes such as ATO reviews, private rulings, objections or appeals to tribunals
    • Determine alternative courses of action
    • Outline options reflecting the costs, advantages and disadvantages.

    Tax audits and dispute resolution.