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    Goods & Services Tax (GST) and Indirect Taxes

    While many businesses are on top of their income tax, they are often unaware of the potential costs and pitfalls that can arise from indirect tax issues. GST, land tax, payroll and stamp duty indirect taxes can be an administrative headache for businesses. Our experienced team has expertise with every aspect of indirect taxation so no problem will go unresolved. We can help you minimize costs and reduce the administrative impact of these taxes.

    Our advisors goal is to ensure that you take full advantage of any opportunities available as a result of your businesses particular circumstances while also ensuring that you fully understand your obligations. Missed information or mistakes can raise costs by preventing your business from claiming full input credit. Just as damagingly, they can impair your reputation with the tax authority and lead to significant penalties.

    Sullivans Accountants provides advice on and management of indirect taxes in the following areas:

    Land Tax
    Payroll Tax
    Stamp Duty

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