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SMSF-Hints and Tips

Super SMSF Advice & Tips

There are creative ways that could help you grow your superfund, that you may not have considered. By creating a SMSF you can increase the value of you and your spouses superfund, giving you a larger provision to invest with.

In a challenging property market, many people are choosing to leverage their super to purchase their first property or reduce existing home loans, contact us to find out how.

  • Have your SMSF take out Life Insurance for you and claim the cost as a deduction.
  • Utilise advanced tax strategies that can significantly lower your tax liability.
  • Take advantage of the amazing concept where Capital deductions of your SMSF mortgage? Are fully deductible.
  • Pay only 10% tax on Capital gains made in your Superfund whilst in the growth stage, and zero tax when you go to Pension stage.
  • Increase your funds growth potential y borrowing money to purchase an investment property within your SMSF.
  • Transferring a commercial property (such as your business property) into your Self-Managed Superfund without paying stamp duty on the transfer.
  • With effective planning methods, Sullivans Accountants can show you how to significantly increase your cash flow for a lifestyle that you deserve for when you retire.
  • It may be possible to reduce your home loan by transferring a commercial property or shares from yourself to your Superfund.