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    Buying A Property With Your Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF)

    Imagine being able to own a property by borrowing against your Superfund. This is one of the most exciting opportunities in setting up your own SMSF.

    Advantages in owning a property in a SMSF:

    • Rental income is taxed at 15%.
    • Capital gains taxed at 10% during growth stage.
    • Capital gains taxed at zero during pension stage.
    • Using your employer contributions to reduce the mortgage.
    • Being able to borrow money to purchase a property within the Superfund.

    The rules that apply:

    • If the property is residential you and your family may never live in it.
    • There are restrictions on what is allowed in developing or improving the property.
    • If you have borrowed money to purchase the property, you can’t then borrow additional to improve the property. The fund must save the money in order to repair or improve the property.

    Get in touch to talk about what is involved and how we can help you get started in the property market.

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