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    Setting Up SMSF’s

    Self-managed Super Funds have the potential to considerably increase wealth and improve your financial quality of life.

    We assist clients with understanding the process and ensuring SMSF works for you. Sullivans Accountants will assist by tailoring your SMSF story and taking care of the whole process for you!

    Tailored solutions:

    • Reviewing your situation.
    • Determining that it is feasible and realistic for your financial expectations.
    • That you understand the obligation and that you have the ability to manage your investments.
    • We set investment objectives considering cash flow, risk and return.

    Taking care of the process:

    • Establish the SMSF.
    • Order the trust deed.
    • Set up the trustee and the funds bank account.
    • Guide you! If you wish and design your investment strategy.

    Contact us at Sullivans Accountants for a free session on Self-Managed Superfund and the services we offer.

    Setting up SMSF on a mobile device.