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Business Advisory

Business advice

Our focus is on you, your people and your business.

  • Business Advice
    Our tax and accounting specialists guide you in creating a more profitable and competitive business and identify any roadblocks or issues preventing growth.
  • Business Recovery
    When you have a financial interest in a struggling business, nothing matters more than taking swift action to protect your position. Sullivans’ carry out business reviews to detect potential problems and pitfalls and minimise financial damage.
  • Business Succession
    Many private businesses do not have an exit strategy. Whether the succession is from family to family, or owners to staff, Sullivans can assist in the transition pragmatically at a time when emotions can get in the way.
  • Financial Planning
    It is critical to the success of a financial plan to acquire an in-depth understanding of a business owners circumstances, assets and liabilities.
  • Tailored Business Solutions
    Because Sullivans’ team of accountants keeps up with latest developments in the field of finance, we are able to offer timely service and advice. Everyone has different goals and drives and we work closely to develop a tailored strategy.